Monday, November 28, 2005


Kuddos to Broken Nails on this one.

TO: Kelly Doran Campaign Supporters and DFL Friends

FR: Tonya Tennessen, Communications Director, Kelly Doran for Governor

RE: Attack letter mailed to DFLers from a Mr. Larry Wright

DT: November 28, 2005
A letter was sent out to some DFLers, including members of the DFL State Central Committee, designed to attack Kelly Doran and accuse him of not being a Democrat. The author sites contributions Kelly Doran has made to Republican and Independence Party candidates as the reason not to trust him.

This isn’t new information.

Kelly Doran has been on the record saying he has given money to candidates not in the Democratic Party. The Republicans first launched this supposed “attack” on
their blog “MinnesotaDemocratsExposed,” hoping DFLers would take the bait.
Republicans are very afraid of a match-up of Tim Pawlenty and Kelly Doran, and
they have been actively pushing this point. Kelly Doran is not a partisan extremist – instead he offers new ideas and a fresh approach.

As a Democrat, Kelly Doran can work with people of all parties and will put principle ahead of politics to move our state forward. It’s up to the people to decide if they
want to elect another partisan extremist, or if they’re tired of gridlock
politics. Kelly Doran has a proven track record for getting things done.
This is the kind of destructive politics that distracts us from our shared
DFL goal of defeating Tim Pawlenty.

Other campaign contribution information excluded from the letter include:
Kelly and Maria Doran have given $10,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee after getting out of the U.S. Senate race.
Kelly and Maria Doran have given $5,000 to the DFL Senate Caucus
Kelly and Maria Doran have given $2,000 to John Kerry’s campaign for President
Kelly and Maria Doran have given $2,000 to the Democratic National
Kelly and Maria Doran have given thousands of additional dollars
to federal, state and local DFL candidates.

Why didn't they include this?

Republican Congressman took bribes, resigns

Are you suprised it was a Republican?

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